RosaCaleta Berlin, Germany

I was there before RosaCaleta was created. Kirk Henry and Troy Lopez had an idea to start a restaurant. They started with small parties, hosted in homes and they served some of their signature Jamaican European Fusion Food. The parties came with both live and recorded music. There was dancing, laughing, and great flavors in mouth and the air. We had good fun.

In 2009, a permanent space was found and they opened the doors to RosaCaleta. The good flavors, music and performance were carried over. I was called in to document the special events. They specifically asked me to create exciting and fun Photographs. Photos that would entice people to join in. Inside the restaurant, they had normal dining, parties and exhibits. Outside they had a large annual party, called Block Party with DJs and live performances. The parties were far from what the bland name implies. People came from all over Berlin to participate. We ate, danced and heard live poetry, live music, and famous DJs spun till nightfall. There were many opportunities for me to catch the performers outperforming themselves. Berlin is really full of so many beautiful, creative, fun people. Within all the excitement, it offered me the opportunity to capture some exquisite impromptu portraits.

A wonderful result of all the warmth, fun and tolerance, RosaCaleta became a magnet and safe space for the POC and the LGBTQ communities. We enjoyed the space for many years. Unfortunately during the second year of Covid, RosaCaleta was forced to close. I am honored and lucky to have participated from the beginning till the end. I am proud to have created a lovely collection of photographs of this beautiful diverse RosaCaleta community.